10 x 6 ft Walk In Greenhouse Kit with Adjustable Roof Vent and Rain Gutter

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Walk In Greenhouse Description

This splendid greenhouse is built for plant gardening all year round. Wherever you live, this greenhouse will improve the growing situation for the plants inside. Strong alloy construction and a high-quality board can protect your plant from fierce wind and sunlight. This item will make the internal environment a more productive growing season. Don't hesitate, it fits all your demands about a greenhouse.

  • The walk in greenhouse rust-resistant frame is durable and stable and provides a spacious and safe growing space for the healthy and safe growth of plants, vegetables, and flowers
  • Hothouse roofs and walls are made of virtually unbreakable panels, blocking up UV rays, diffusing sunlight, and eliminating the risk of plant burn and shade areas
  • With detailed manual and complete accessories, the plant house will take you a short time to assemble well, it is recommended to use gloves for assembling the gardening greenhouse
  • Rain gutters can drain efficiently and prevent rain from splashing, a movable door makes it easy to get in or close the greenhouse
  • The one window vent is designed with 4 adjustable positions for proper air flow, and provides continuously fresh air to your plants
  • A strong base can perfectly ensure its stability, the entire greenhouse can be moved when needed
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